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Coming in 2016!

I may have mentioned once or twice another project I was working on. Well, I plan to release it in 2016. I don’t have a solid date for it yet, but it was my NaNoWriMo project last year, and I love it so much, that I want it to come to light sooner rather than later (don’t worry, I promise I’ll put out Monochrome Dream 2 after this one).

Hopefully, I can get started on an ad soon, but my photoshop skills are lacking.



Moment’s Passed

Sometimes, you want to say sorry.

You truly do.

But at this point, will it even matter?

Will the apology mean anything?

The moment’s passed,

And your actions since have done nothing to supplement the apology.

Sometimes, the opportunity exists only for a brief moment.

Whatever reason you missed it,

It doesn’t matter.

There’s no point to take that picture,

Because the sun has already set,

And the moment’s passed.

Sometimes, the opportunity exists for years and years,

Fading only with the light in your eyes.

If we live on after our life here,

Or if we don’t,

A dead person can’t answer,

And the moment’s passed.

Sometimes, the opportunity was never there to begin with.

And we like to give the illusion that it was ever there.

I was going to give you this opportunity,

But then you had to do that thing.

The moment’s passed,

But that’s hardly fair,

Since it was never there.

Sometimes, the opportunity presents itself time and time again.

I tried to give you everything,

But you just wouldn’t take it.

I tried to tell you I love you,

But my words may as well have been cast into the void.

I gave you a chance.

I gave you so many chances so many times.

It always ends the same,

And I don’t see how you and I can move forward.

The moment’s passed,

And it’s never coming back.


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Hello everyone,

I’m not going to be making much progress this weekend because reasons. It’s 5:21, and I haven’t left my house today. I’ll admit it’s gonna be a bit of a slacker weekend, so don’t expect me to post much till Monday. Well, I wish it was a slacker weekend. I have to work at my actual job until 2 AM tonight and tomorrow night, so I actually am doing something and not wasting all my time on Runescape.

Have a great weekend, everyone!