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I’m back!

Hey, all, it’s been a ┬áminute!

I apologize for my inactivity. I moved into a new house, which was quite the fixer-upper, so I’ve spent pretty much most of my time back from Japan remodeling and getting the place up to standards. Things are stabilizing now, I have a job again, and now that the house is more or less done, that yields more time for me to write. Stay tuned! I’m about to post about my trip to Japan!

Hey guys!

What’s going on? It’s been a while! That’s what school and full time work will do, I suppose. Plus, Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 was released not too long ago, and I just HAD to get the good ending, the bad ending, and beat Nightmare mode before making much more progress.

Well, it’s spring break, and I’ve got things planned.

For starters, I plan to renew my license since it expires next week (happy birthday to me).

Number one, though, I plan to finish proofing Monochrome Dream: Apostrophe this week since I won’t have school to worry about, and then hopefully I can make print versions available for pre-order. Yee.

I’ve kinda put work on MD2 on hold because I’m dedicating that time to proof the first Monochrome Dream, and I’m checking it extensively for errors before I put it up for pre-order (I’ve already found a few that would have been extremely embarrassing if they made it to the final cut). The electronic version of it IS available for pre-order, but as of right now, paperback versions are unavailable at this moment. After this week, I do plan to have it available for pre-order. Thank you so much for being patient with me, and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to make it available sooner.

I’m going to update the MD tab because the chapters posted there are obsolete. I’m not deleting the original posts containing those old chapters for the sake of those who reeeeally want to dig them up, but just know those posts are no longer canon and should not be applied to the story.

Word Count

I know it’s late, but I’m working on book 2 of Monochrome Dream, and I am about 14,000 words into it. On days that I can write, I plan to write 1,000 words per day. As you understand, sometimes life happens, and I can’t write every single day, but I do plan to have Book 2 ready to go sometime next year so that I don’t have to keep all of you waiting too long.

Monochrome Dream: Apostrophe will be released in 66 days, so make sure you pre-order your e-copy today!


I finished adding the last of the material I wanted to add. The book is done. I sent the remaining few chapters to my editor to look over, and then I will officially be done editing Monochrome Dream.

I ended it a lot sooner than I thought I would, but I feel like it’s for the best.

As of right now, Monochrome Dream is 133,503 words long, including chapter names.

This is such a weird feeling. I don’t know what to do with myself.


Wish I trimmed weight as fast as I trimmed chapters from the final manuscript.

Just a little progress update:

I’m on page 260 out of 291. Getting close! That’s not a final number, and I do plan on the book being at least 300 pages. I’m probably going to add a chapter or two when all is said and done, but the book is going to be a lot shorter than originally planned, which is a good thing. A lot of material I cut out was kind of extraneous/wasn’t pertinent to the main story. I’m trying to be careful now with how much I cut out, and I am saving the material I got rid of just in case I need to throw it back in, or if there are snippets I can re-inject in later manuscripts. I still plan on finishing sometime next week, so stay tuned! Naturally, progress might be a little impeded because of schoolwork, but I won’t let you down!

Progress Update!

Hello, everybody!

I’m here today to tell you that I expect to finish editing Monochrome Dream sometime this week. I’ll no longer be giving you progress updates in the form of percentages because… you know how when you’re downloading something, and it gives you a time estimation, and it usually fluctuates quickly between four hours and one minute? It’s kinda like that. Because of the changes I’m making to the last quarter of the book, percentages might not be all that accurate anymore. I might cut a couple of chapters, I might add more material, so I just don’t really know at this point, but I think I’m to the point where I could predictably finish editing within a week. Because of the last-minute changes I’m making, the last quarter is going to need a little fine-tuning, but I don’t expect that will take too long.

So just sit tight, and in the meantime, I’ll keep you folks entertained!