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Monochrome Dream

Hey folks! Looking for a good read? Explore the themes of self-control and toxic relationships with Monochrome Dream. With believable characters that are easy to relate to, Monochrome Dream: Apostrophe will captivate you and make it near impossible for you to put the book down. Follow Olivier in his journey as he struggles to free himself of the monster that’s taking over his heart and mind!


Progress Update!

Hello, everybody!

I’m here today to tell you that I expect to finish editing Monochrome Dream sometime this week. I’ll no longer be giving you progress updates in the form of percentages because… you know how when you’re downloading something, and it gives you a time estimation, and it usually fluctuates quickly between four hours and one minute? It’s kinda like that. Because of the changes I’m making to the last quarter of the book, percentages might not be all that accurate anymore. I might cut a couple of chapters, I might add more material, so I just don’t really know at this point, but I think I’m to the point where I could predictably finish editing within a week. Because of the last-minute changes I’m making, the last quarter is going to need a little fine-tuning, but I don’t expect that will take too long.

So just sit tight, and in the meantime, I’ll keep you folks entertained!


I’m about 73% of the way through editing! I might do more work on my book tonight, but just a fair warning: Progress is probably going to be a little slowed down. School and homework are constants, but I’m making a… somewhat significant change to the last quarter of the book. Just some scenes I have to rewrite, and I’m not sure how long that will take me. I’ll try to push it out as fast as I can, though, so stay tuned!


Okay, it’s not much, but here is an official update with my progress of editing Monochrome Dream! I’m at 61%, and I’m still on track to finish between January 31st and February 14th. Not sure how much progress I’m going to make for the remainder of the evening, but I binged on Runescape for a bit, and I think I’ve got it out of my system enough to focus on more important things.

I’ll probably work on MD a bit more tonight, then I’ll let you know how much further I get.

Until next time!


Wow, that was fast!

I’m now 59% of the way through editing Monochrome Dream, and I even cut out a chapter!

It’s amazing to think how much I’ve really cut this book down. When I initially finished, it was about 425 pages. Now it’s 343, almost 100 pages down from what it was. Although it may seem soul-crushing to cut out that much, believe me, it’s been a relief. Looking over some scenes and realizing how redundant they are is actually quite a relief to me. It’s less to revise, and it’s nice to see how far I’ve come as a writer. It really lessens the blow if you can see for yourself without anyone else needing to tell you that some parts of your writing can either be improved or cut out entirely.

I’m gonna be making another post here about something completely separate from writing, so stay tuned.