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This Wretched Place

Am I the only one here

Who stares directly into her demons’ eyes?

Nightly, I fight an inner war.

Am I truly alone?

Are the voices I hear just ghosts?

Do they dwell on the things I said?

Maybe I am inherently poisonous,

Self-destructive by nature.

I’ve exhausted all my options,

I turn all the ground I touch to scorched earth.

This place submerges my body in a sea of poison,

And no matter how I tread and gasp for air,

What can you do

When the only interaction you have

Is with yourself and your toxic thoughts?

Monochrome Dream

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Leap of Faith

On my journey to adulthood,

I have had to cross many cliffs.

Some were easier than others,

but they progressively become more and more difficult to cross.

Sometimes, my feet slip, and I almost fall backwards.

Luckily, someone is always waiting on the other side to catch me.

I have crossed oceans, deserts, and chasms to find my way here.

Here I am again at a cliff’s edge.

The drop off is scary.

What if I don’t make it?

I get weak in the knees, and I get down on my fours to loom over the cliff’s edge.

The fall would hurt, but it wouldn’t kill me.

I’m scared.

I almost turn away from the cliff; there has to be another way.


The land beyond is only attainable through this path.

There will be someone on the other side to see me to safety.

I bend my knees,

say the words,

and I jump.


I can see it there,

Lingering just beyond my reach.

And now, I can’t feel it anymore.

I want it,

I need it,

But I can’t have it.

I’ve tried abandoning the chains that keep me here

But the chains keep another kind of evil away.

What’s worse?

Wanting what my body will not take another step towards,

Or living in perpetual fear of the evil just beyond the grasp of these chains?

Even more chains keep me bound here,

Chains that cannot be corroded.

Not by chemicals, nor by sheer will.

They tell me there is no way I can free myself.

And I believe them.

But oh, how unbearable it is

When I cannot move from these chains,

Yet I see everyone else around me walking so freely.

Pursuing their desires,

Nothing holding them back from that which they seek.

It frustrates me to no end

That I am trapped

with no way out.